The Fenoglio Boot Company employs skilled bootmakers who take pride in delivering high-quality boots made in the time-tested traditional ways that make boots to last a lifetime.  These are big boots to fill, but the Fenoglios and their bootmaking family here truly believe in living up to the company motto: There’s nothing finer than a Fenoglio.  


The idea of a Texas boot and that it should be made to last is embodied in our family of craftsmen and craftswomen here at the Fenoglio Boot Company, many of whom represent second, third and even fourth generation boot makers that have called Nocona, Texas home since the late 1800s.  You’ll see our skilled employees featured often throughout our website along with the boots they proudly make, because they are the heart of this operation and the reason we say, “There’s nothing finer than a Fenoglio Boot.”


From Texas country musicians to world-champion bull-riders to local farmers and ranchers, congressman to city slickers and country folk, our ambassadors wear our boots because they want a quality, all-leather boot made in Texas at a fair price, and that’s what the Fenoglio Boot Company offers you.